Mode of action and advantages

PERMAGEL transforms water which has entered the wall into a sealant. It is still active after 15 years and continues to bind oncoming water. Since it is totally harmless to health it can even be used in living areas without any problems.

Mode of action:

  • PERMAGEL creates a reliable horizontal barrier against rising dampness seals permanently
  • Damp wall areas are sealed through wall injections
  • Dampness at windows and doors can be stopped specifically


  • You can remove all damp areas yourself
  • The handling is super easy
  • No waiting or drying times
  • PERMAGEL is permanently active, even after 15 years

Easy application

After removing the plaster, you create drillings every 17 cm, approx. 30 cm deep, at 45 degrees downwards, and pump the PERMAGEL into the wall.


Areas of application:

  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Living areas
  • Old buildings
  • Historic buildings
Only 4 steps to a dry wall

Create drillings and blow out drill holes

Drive in plastic packers

Inject PERMAGEL using the presses from the sets

Cut projecting packers off flush with the wall