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With the PERMAGEL DIY Set you eliminate smaller damp areas cheaply and easily. In your garage, in the basement, and even in your living room. PERMAGEL is safe to use and harmless to health.

177,00 € incl. sales tax

The PERMAGEL Craftsman Set is the right choice if you want to seal wet spots in your house fast and easily because here the drilling machine does all the pumping for you.

240,00 € incl. sales tax

The proper addition for your PERMAGEL Do-It-Yourself or Craftsman Set when there is a greater number of damp areas in your house.

84,50 € incl. sales tax

When all the plastic packers from your PERMAGEL DIY or Craftsman Set are used up, this is the proper addition to eliminate further damp areas.

14,90 € incl. sales tax

You can also rent the pump and an injection expert. Just ask us if this is suitable for you. For multiple applications the pump is worth buying.

Price on request via our contact form

For large damp areas it's cheaper for you to use our professional pump and gel in buckets.

Price on request via our contact form